a museum of Soviet slot machines in St. Petersburg

a museum of Soviet slot machines in St. Petersburg
American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce (AUCC)
T-44 Soviet medium tank (1944)

In 1964 the United States obtained a PT-76 by undisclosed means. The tank was evaluated Tank-Automotive Center in February, and was deemed inferior to American tanks. [6]

Almost as soon as the SKS was brought into service in 1949, it was rendered obsolete for Soviet purposes by the new AK-47, which was adopted by the Soviet military later that year.

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The T-44 had several generations of prototypes. Development started in autumn 1943, in the then-Ural-based Zavod Nr. 183. Work on it started under the direct order of Stalin, who had also refused the T-43 for service, as he believed that Chief Designer . Morozov would come up with something better. The idea was to keep the high mobility of the T-34, but give it armor like the KV. Such a project had been attempted by the KV-85 and IS series , but the Soviets needed a medium tank that was cheaper and easier to produce.

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Eight Mexican civil registrations were allocated to B-25's, including one aircraft registered to the Bank of Mexico but used by the President of Mexico.

The objective was to provide a weapon for tunnel combat, a weapon with reduced blast, noise, flash and yet increased lethality over the standard pistols and revolvers of the era. It was designed to produce a column of lethal buckshot at very close range, with no flash and very limited blast. Noise in the enclosed tunnels was equivalent to a .22LR firearm outdoors, which was a great improvement over the eardrum-shattering blast of the alternative, the M1911A1 .45 pistol.

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