is there a volcano

is there a volcano
Why are there volcanoes? Why do they erupt? | Volcano.
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Hotspots are volcanic areas believed to be formed by mantle plumes , which are hypothesized to be columns of hot material rising from the core-mantle boundary in a fixed space that causes large-volume melting. Because tectonic plates move across them, each volcano becomes dormant and is eventually re-formed as the plate advances over the postulated plume. The Hawaiian Islands are said to have been formed in such a manner; so has the Snake River Plain , with the Yellowstone Caldera being the part of the North American plate above the hot spot. This theory, however, has been doubted. [2]

The current activity is based along the east rift zone. According to the US Geological Survey , 23 separate new fractures there became volcanic fissures from which lava erupted. By the end of May, “fissure 8” (the eighth new fissure to have announced itself) had become dominant – with activity at the others ceasing or subsiding. This was the source of the lava that by June 4 was flowing into the sea several miles away near the Vacationland resort, where it completely filled what had previously been Kapoho Bay .

"These signs may include very small earthquakes beneath the volcano, slight inflation, or swelling, of the volcano and increased emission of heat and gas from vents on the volcano," said . Geological Survey (USGS) Volcano Hazards Program coordinator John Eichelberger.

Feature photo: Image from . Eruption of Mount St Helens, WA in 1980 – read more about it here The terrain surrounding Vancouver draws ...

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