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In the novel The Subterraneans ,   were the bar names -- the Red Drum, the Black Mask, and Dante’s -- actual places or just names that Jack made up ?

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Jack was born a prince to his father's land, in an era greatly resembling Japan's Edo Period in appearance, albeit with culture closer to the Nara and Heian periods. His story first began when he was born shortly after Aku was sealed away by Jack's father. About eight years later, when Jack was 8 years old, with the help of a solar eclipse the seal was broken and Aku was freed. Jack's mother went into hiding and sent Jack to train around the world, as was planned by his parents should Aku ever escape his prison and Jack's father fail to stop him.

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In "Aftermath: The Philosophy of the Beat Generation," Kerouac criticized what he saw as a distortion of his visionary, spiritual ideas:

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All of us at The Beat Museum believe there is nothing better than turning a group of young people on to the understanding that the Beat Generation (and their spiritual children, the people referred to as hippies) changed all of our lives. We love explaining why the values of tolerance, compassion, and authenticity are important to a 17 or 20-year-old. Young people today overwhelmingly take the ideas of the Beat Generation for granted—for them, these perspectives are normal in today's world. Racial equality, gender equality, GLBT rights, and a care for the environment—these are no-brainers for most 20-year-olds.

Jack's personality is similar to Seto Kaiba 's; he is somewhat cold-hearted, and often acts as an anti-hero. Jack is an arrogant man at the beginning of the story who thinks of his opponents as little more than entertainment for himself and his audience. As King, he believed in a pursuit philosophy; where that he would drive himself into his own pinches only to crush his opponents with his absolute comeback strategies. However, after losing to his former friend Yusei , Jack realizes what he's been missing as King and decides on starting his own journey to becoming a real Duelist. Upon meeting Carly Carmine , he realizes the error of his ways, and tries to repay Yusei and the others.

Jack is a man of massive stature, dwarfing his crewmates and even the very large minks Inuarashi and Nekomamushi . However, while still being immensely muscular, Jack's limbs are disproportionately small when compared to his enormous torso (though their size is greatly increased in the anime, especially his arms). He wears a metallic jaw mask that seemingly disappears when he transforms into his mammoth form, and has a pair of horns on each side of his head. His blond hair is worn in a ponytail and a pair of long braids. He wears a dark, sleeveless, feathery coat similar to Kaido with spiked pauldrons on his shoulders, circled by a belt bearing his crew's Jolly Roger. [8]

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