photo james bond casino grand piano

photo james bond casino grand piano
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A total of 405 villains have been killed, with Pierce Brosnan the deadliest Bond by far at 135 killed over 4 appearances (second highest being Roger Moore's 90 killed).  The least deadly Bond was George Lazenby's singular appearance as Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service  (5 kills) followed by Timothy Dalton's 2 appearances, sharing a total of 23 kills. (After Lazenby's one outing as Bond, Connery was pulled back in for Diamonds Are Forever ). Roger Moore's The Man With The Golden Gun was the most peaceful Bond outing, with only one kill.

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“We had tremendous cooperation from Las Vegas, because Cubby (Bond producer Albert R. Broccoli) had very good connections and friends in Vegas,” director Guy Hamilton says on the “Diamonds Are Forever” DVD commentary track. Chief among those friends was Howard Hughes, who would serve as the inspiration for the movie’s reclusive casino owner, Willard Whyte (portrayed by Jimmy Dean). Once Broccoli’s pals were convinced that the filming would benefit Las Vegas, Hamilton says, “the town absolutely opened up for us.”

Unique women of James Bond appear at the main character (and at the audience) in the most different dresses. Clothes style is an important part of an image of the woman which delights even the unsurpassed agent. It is possible to see Bond's girl in a bathing suit, in a dressing gown, in daily clothes. But to the audience (and especially for female half of audience) most of all remembered evening elegant and magnificent dresses. Over creation of a suit for Bond the most talented designers working. For this reason each of evening dresses in which Bond's girls appear is a dress haute couture.

The James Bond films based upon the novels of Ian Fleming have been in ongoing production since the release of Dr. No in 1962. Autographs of the countless movie stars who have appeared in the films have become highly sought after by collectors.  Whether it is signed photos of 007 himself as portrayed over the years by  – Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton, Brosnan and Daniel Craig – or autographs of Bond Villains, Bond Girls or members of M16 there is always plenty of choice at Autograph Collection…

Released in 1962, this movie cemented the image of 007 as a suave, sophisticated and utterly irresistible spy extraordinaire thanks to Sean Connery’s masterful portrayal of the character.

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