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West Side RPG is a Role Playing Game for
San Andreas Multiplayer since April 2007 !
It has originally been created by LEA and Sirius, then remade and improved by several members of the West-Side community.

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Skin ID : 3
Skin Model Name : andre
Skin Name/Type : Andre
Singleplayer Location : Unknown
Gender : Male

The main Ammunation - just off the South of the 'Strip' near the 4 Dragons. The "Bank Complex", featuring 2 buyable stores, a bank, and 2 restaurants.

Many CPs, Air National Guard or CAP units, and the like, derive callwords from geographical characteristics of their locations, AK-SAR-BEN (Nebraska backwards, and a popular horse track), MUDBUG (near the Mississippi "big muddy" delta, where mudbug crabs are found), and HIGH ROLLER (Nevada ANG, Reno).

As soon as you get tired of playing nice with each other, you can fight against your friends and turn the city into a playground of carnage and destruction, old-school deathmatch-style.

The majority of Coloureds in South Africa speak Afrikaans. Those who speak English use the equivalent English words as slang.

Most interiors are buggy and have non-solid floors, so check them out before using any. I may add a new column to say if its a complete interior or not.

Amsol offers specialist marine solutions to public and private sector clients operating in the energy, ports, mining and maritime sectors across the african continent and in the indian ocean islands region.

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Dan Fitch is expecting a third consecutive win for Real Madrid under their caretaker manager, when they travel to Viktoria Plzen.

There is a lot more to explore and buy in LVDM Landgrab, but you will to have find everything else for yourself - its not fun without exploring it :)

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