the most expensive casino in the world

the most expensive casino in the world
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• The games are intended for a mature audience. • The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. • Past success at social casino gaming has no relationship to future success at "real money gambling.”

While every so often news will spread of a gimmicky new limited-time-only burger commanding exorbitant prices, the following burgers aren’t off-menu or seasonal specials, monstrosities big enough to feed 50, or custom-order luxuries that you need to reserve a week in advance. These are all on the everyday menu (some only during lunchtime), and can be yours if you’re willing to shell out for them. Some are decidedly gimmicky, some are among the most delicious burgers on the planet (and worth every penny), but they all have one thing in common: They’re not cheap.

But with the uncertainty in Vancouver’s real estate market at the moment, what are the chances a buyer will step up to the plate with almost $60 million in hand?

In fact, Ho won the auction again in 2010 and even beat the previous record—pound for pound, at least. The latest auction was for two truffles weighing just under 3 lbs total. Once again, Ho paid $330,000 for the fungal delicacy.

Comparable to some of our favourite vintage video games , there is undoubtedly a big collectors market for records with some achieving high four or even low five figure sums in sales and auctions. An undamaged sleeve and unscratched surface of the disc have the biggest impact on the potential price plus of course the rarity of the record. We know of some examples where less than 10 complete records still exist today, making them top of the list of highly desirable commodities.

This luxury liquor captivated the spirit world with its grand sale in the year 2005, when a bottle of this expensive whiskey was purchased by a businessman whopping $58,000.

Check out the world's 10 most expensive casino properties that you might never know infographics below and see how unbelievably luxury and expensive they really are:

casino has a bag full of treats for new customers. Are you ready to join them for a wild ride? As a new player, if you...

Drunk gamblers don't follow strategy play, they overbet, and they chase their losses. Why do you think traditional casinos give out so many free cocktails to their players? They know they'll win more from a drunk player than one who's sober. When you're playing to win, avoid alcohol.

Macao has been dubbed the Las Vegas of Asia and the opening of The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel in 2007 solidified the city’s claim to this title. With a similar structuring as its Las Vegas counterpart, the Venetian, Macao adds a cultural twist that makes it different from other Venetian hotels. Its casino offers 500 gambling tables, 2,000 slot machines, and a huge array of entertainment choices should you decide to do something else. High end shopping malls, world class restaurants, and luxury boutiques dot this magnificent hotel-casino.

10 Most Luxurious & Expensive Casinos In The World.