the richest casinos of moscow

the richest casinos of moscow
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The Jewish founder of Dell Computers has used his wealth to bolster philanthropic causes across the US and Israel. In 2014, he donated $ million to the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, which provides general support for members of Israel’s military. He has visited Israel several times.

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Popularly known as “Christo”, Mr. Wiese is the second richest person in his net worth is nearly more than the GDP of other poor African countries .  According to Forbes. He is the largest shareholder of retailing firm Shoprite and this makes him one of the richest people in South Africa. He did attend Stellenbosch University.  Once he was detained at an airport in London for carrying too much cash money with him. He carried around $1 million in cash, which was stuffed in a suit-case.

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He was said to be a charming man with a taste for fine food and liquor. He reportedly gave away tens of thousands dollars to a young street painter when in Bangkok . Just before he was arrested, he spent a month in a luxury hotel in Shenzhen during which he showered hotel staff with tips. Even in jail, he reportedly asked wardens for bird's nest soup . [3]

Since the publication of the estimates from 2011, Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Bhumibol of Thailand have died and Beatrix of the Netherlands and Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani have abdicated. A more recent Forbes Article from 2016 updates some of the Arab members of the list. [3]

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